Benue State University, Makurdi - Nigeria

Our Vision
To be the University of first choice in Nigeria, Africa and among the top 200 in the world.

Our Mission
To be a center of excellence in creating knowledge and developing a complete person capable of not only responding to the cultural, social, political and economic environment but also setting the agenda for change.

Our Core Values
» Excellence in research and publication.
» Placing the latest knowledge at the disposal of students via teaching and skills development.
» Build character of students.
» Effective engagement with relevant communities.
» To use education as a tool for peoples' liberation, the University strives to hold itself up as lamp of the world by upholding more rectitude, integrity and accountability in all its transactions with its stakeholders.

Our Mandate
» To provide the highest standard of learning and equal opportunities within the constraints of available resources.
» Place before the people of the region, the nation and mankind skills developed via learning and research.
» To develop requisite manpower for the state and the nation, within the limit permitted by available resources.
» To promote, preserve and propagate the social and cultural heritage of the diverse people of the state and the country.
» To engage in any activities capable of promoting the standard of living of man within the constraints of available resources.

Our Philosophy
The Philosophy of Benue State University is to seek to mold the total being by developing the mind and imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge that encourage self reliance in the individual. The programmes of study and training have therefore been designed to assist the individual to understand, exploit, and if need be change his environment. Benue State University is to act as an agency for developing the complete person (morally intellectually and physically) who would contribute to the growth of his social, cultural, political and economic environment and apply his skills to raise Benue State from poverty to prosperiity.