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 Benue State University, Makurdi

Centre for Counselling and Human Development


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Centre for Counselling and Human Development. Enter through the Benue State University first gate, then take the left side, towards the Benue State University Staff School.

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Staff List

S/No. Name Rank Status Qualification Specialization
1. D.A. Nevkar Snr. Lecturer Tenure Ph.D Metal
2. S.I. Andural Snr. Lecturer Tenure Ph.D Woodwork
3. S.K. Agishi Snr. Lecturer Tenure Ph.D Building
4. D.M. Tiough Lecturer I Tenure M.Ed Building
5. B.I. Labe Lecturer I Tenure M. Tech. Mechanical
6. B.K. Nande Lecturer I Tenure M.Ed Electrical
7. J.O. Nwokolo Lecturer I Tenure Ph.D Metal
8. P.M. Nyiahule Lecturer II Tenure M.Ed Reg & Air conditioning
9. N.N. Afaor Lecturer II Tenure M.Ed Electrical
10. E.A. Hime Lecturer II Tenure M. Tech. Building
11. V.V. Apagu Professor Visiting Ph.D Construction
12. Livinus C. Ezugu Professor Visiting Ph.D Electrical
13. P. Agu Snr. Lecturer Part-time Ph.D Reg and Air Conditioning
14. T. Ogbuanya Snr. Lecturer Part-time Ph.D Electrical
15. C.O. Iji Lecturer I Part-time Ph.D Mechanical
16. S.G. Iwua Lecturer II Tenure M.Sc. Architecture
17. J.I. Ortserga Lecturer II Part-time M.Ed Metal
18. S.O. Agbese Lecturer II Contract M.Sc. Electrical
19. Ahua, S.V. Lecturer II Contract M.Ed Metal
21. Ejelekwu J.M. Lecturer II Part-time B.Sc. Mechanical
22. Iorbee M. Lecturer II Tenure M. Tech Electrical
23. Ochedikwu J.O. Lecturer II Tenure M.A. Architecture
24. Akor S. T. Graduate Assistant Tenure B.Sc. (Ed) Electrical
25. P.T. Nambeh Asst. Lecturer Tenure M.Sc. Architecture
26. Onyilo R.I. Graduate Assistant Tenure M.Sc. (Ed) Automobile
27. Maashin A. Graduate Assistant Tenure B.Sc. (Ed) Electrical
28. Tyav A.D. Graduate Assistant Tenure B.Sc. (Ed) Automobile
29. Onah O. Chief Technologist Tenure B.Sc. Metal
30. Ikyumen M.I. Principal Technologist Tenure M.Ed electrical
31. Nyam B.S. Technologist I Tenure B.Tech Building
32. Myem S. T. Technologist I. Tenure B.Sc. (Ed) Electrical
33. Ekedegba S.A. Technologist II Contract B.Sc. Mechanical
34. Aho V.K. Technologist II Tenure B.Sc.(Ed) Metal
35. Ewuga A. D. Lecturer I Part-time Ph.D Mechanical